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December 15, 2004

Reasons to Move Away From Eastern Washington « Stuff Important to Me »

An unusually smooth and swiftly growing lava dome within the crater of Washington state's Mount St. Helens volcano is an extraordinary and perplexing event with an unknown outcome, geologists said Tuesday.

I can't help but think there may be a few good double-entendres in the title of the piece, though:

Scientists Amazed at Mount St. Helens' Growing Dome

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Posted by Nathan at 10:34 AM | Comments (2)
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St. Helens is in southern Washington. I think I'd be more inclined to avoid that area.

Pyroclastic flows are bad for the skin, y'know.

Posted by: McGehee at December 16, 2004 09:13 AM

Yeah, but the ash floats eastward on the winds. Last time Mt. St. Helens blew her top, they had several feet of ash dumped on 'em.

Posted by: Nathan at December 16, 2004 10:44 AM
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