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December 15, 2004

Mickey Kaus Agrees With Conservatives Again « GWOM »

I don't see how he could have voted for Kerry, because he keeps on making excellent arguments against Democrat and liberal values and thought processes.

Scroll down to the part about Marc Rich and Clinton. Excerpt:

Here's an instance where the convenient case for public figure privacy in matters of sex--made most conveniently by Clinton himself, but also by Jeffrey Toobin***, Andrew Sullivan, etc.--completely breaks down. It turns out to be fairly important whether Clinton was or wasn't not having sexual relations with Denise Rich, Marc's glamorous ex-wife, who lobbied for the pardon. It's hard to explain Clinton's gross error any other way.

... P.S.: Do Democrats really want to elect the woman who let all this happen under her nose? Just asking! ...

*** When defending Clinton, Toobin ludicrously declared that a politician's sex life "tells you absolutely nothing about their performance" in office. Marc Rich might disagree. ...

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