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June 30, 2008

Blogging Update « Blogging »

Hi, reader(s)!
Diamond Dave, thanks for checking up on me.

I'm okay, everything's fine.

I've got a number of projects I'm working on in other venues, and there's no real news about the Chiefs right now, and I'm moving away from socio-political commentary.

I'm also trying to put more effort into work and my family.

Not much time left for blogging.

But I'm okay, and there will be sporadic blogging when I find a consistent time to do little things that amuse only myself.

Please, no double entendre comments on that, k? Thanks.

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June 16, 2008

About Iraq « GWOT »
We have seen and we will continue to see a wide range of ambiguous threats in the shadow area between major war and millennial peace. Americans must understand that a number of small challenges, year after year, can add up to a more serious challenge to our interests. The time to act, to help our friends by adding our strength to the equation, is not when the threat is at our doorstep, when the stakes are highest and the needed resources enormous. We must be prepared to commit our political, economic, and if necessary, military power when the threat is still manageable and when its prudent use can prevent the threat from growing.

In light of this thought, we waited too long to deal with Iraq, and that caused the problems we've had up until recently.
Americans are not being led to understand the true nature of our national security needs.

Oh, who said this quote? And when?

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June 03, 2008

...And the Next Thing You Know, We're France! « Politics As Usual »

What Tony said.

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June 02, 2008

More Evidence Dems are... « Politics As Usual »

...basing their national strategy around deception. more about faking appearances than winning on issues.
...believe pretending to be conservative is a winning strategy.

Read Ann Althouse's response to Ezra Klein's rambling, then take your pick of the above ending choices.

"All of the above" is a valid choice, too.

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