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November 24, 2006

Chiefs Beat the Broncos Despite Green « Kansas City Chiefs »

I'm a happy boy.

Jake had a pretty mediocre night. Green had a pretty bad night. Denver's defense made LJ pay for every yard he got. He had 157 yards...but on a 4.6 yd/carry average. That's alot of tough yards.

The edge in the game, though, was KC absolutely shut down Denver's running game. The Chiefs had more carries as a team than the Broncos had rushing yards. Michael Bennett had more yards on one carry than the Broncos had rushing yards, total.


The thing that most scares me is that Trent seems to be fulfilling my prediction that he's over the hill. His QB rating is an abysmal 66.0, and his best game is sut 75.5. He's thrown 2 INTs in just 53 attempts. No TD passes. He's fumbled twice in just 6 sacks. He has only 3 passes longer than 20 yards. He's missing short touch passes horribly. He rarely hits his WRs in stride. The one good thing is he seems to make Samie Parker a better (decent) WR. I hope he's just rusty...I hope he gets up to speed quickly, or he will lose important games for us. We can't afford a QB with a 66 QB rating.

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