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November 23, 2006

Apologies For the Mess « Blogging »

This blog was idle for far too long, and it looks like there are some errors in the code or something making things look really screwy.

The blog is due a facelift, and will be done soon.

Also, in my time off, I've moderated many of my views, particularly socio-political views. I hereby retract my arguments against the people opposing Intelligent Design, so ignore those posts. I'm going to leave 'em up because I don't believe in hiding my embarassments. Anything else you want me to retract? Let me know and I'll consider it. You would probably have a high rate of success with such requests.

So if you are stopping by here, you'll still get insight and analysis, but much less of the combativeness and touchiness when you criticize my opinions.

Fair enough? I still hope to make this an enjoyable place to visit.
I'm going to focus more on the Kansas City Chiefs, leadership, writing, and music. I'll have some original mp3s of my guitar playing, and midis of my compositions up eventually. Hopefully soon. More pictures, too, I think. We'll see.

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Are you an atheist yet? ;-)

Welcome back.

Posted by: andy at November 24, 2006 03:40 PM

Just about.

Posted by: Nathan at November 24, 2006 04:44 PM