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July 18, 2005

Perhaps I Was Too Vague « Kansas City Chiefs »

Someone get me a job writing about the Kansas City Chiefs!!!

A few days after I assert that the Chiefs don't need Ty Law, a professional says the same thing.

He cites a few reasons different from mine. The one I'm particularly intrigued by is an analysis of the opposing WRs we face in those first four games. I think that analysis could have been far more in-depth, so I may steal that idea...but to tell the truth, I'm not fully convinced the reasoning is correct. I'll expand on that idea when I actually write the article later this week.

The point is, how do I get or the KC Star to notice what I'm doing? What's the best way to lobby for a job as a Voice of the Fan writing position if they don't even announce possible openings?

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You are the Vioce of the Fan, and the Voice of Reason. know alot more about the Chiefs than they do, and thats why they do notice what you're doing. I'm convinced of that.



Posted by: Warpaint at July 18, 2005 08:53 PM

If you'd take up writing about the Royals too, then maybe we in the region could have commentators that actually, you know, liked the teams. Because 99% of the bloggers and all of the Star writers don't.

Posted by: j.d. at July 19, 2005 04:15 PM

I'd go for that, except that I can't stand baseball these days. It's not the Royals, it's baseball in general that I truly dislike. It's criminal the way money has changed the way the game is played so that KC needs a 1 in 1000 combination of good luck even to contend for a wild card slot, much less have a chance to win the World Series.
To me, baseball pretty much died sometime during the 1986 season.

But I've noticed how so many of the writers don't seem to like KC teams, or at the very least, how they look for things to go wrong. I've noticed lots of fans like that, too. I could never be like that. It took alot for me to get down on Greg Robinson (finally saying in game 15 of his last season that it looked like he probably should be replaced). I never really did get down on Steve Bono or Elvis Grbac. Once Gannon was gone, I stopped obsessing about him.
I love our team, no matter who they may be.

...well, except for Chester McGlockton. Couldn't stand the guy. And I would have never watched another Chiefs game as long as I lived if they'd gotten Bill Romanowski. Come to think of it, Dieon Sanders and Randy Moss would make me give up being a Chiefs' fan, too.

Posted by: Nathan at July 19, 2005 11:02 PM
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