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June 07, 2005

Man With Chainsaw Allowed Into the US « Humor »

When I read this story* sent to me by a friend, all I could think of was:

I guess they must have felt that since he's a lumberjack, he's okay?

*Actually, I agree they had no grounds to prevent his entry, and made obviously more-than-sufficient attempts to find out if he was wanted. But it's hard for someone to be wanted when the crime hasn't been reported yet. To me, the fact that they were able to locate the suspect so rapidly says that the police did their job well in this case.

Hey, Gun-Control Advocates (esp. Liberal ones): it is not, and has never been, the job of police to prevent murders. The only way they could do so would be to institute a police state of such horrible proportions that we would never see a minute of freedom from cradle to grave.

Gun control did nothing, and could do nothing, to save these murder victims. So are we going to ban chainsaws next? If someone wants to murder, they will use any implement at hand. It is impossible to sanitize life for your protection. Stop screwing up my life in your attempts.

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