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June 07, 2005

A Fourth Choice « Politics As Usual »

I'm not happy with any of the political choices I have right now. No, not even Libertarian/libertarian/Neo-libertarian.

If I had any power/credibility, I'd start the Pragmatic Party: Whatever Works.
Of course, defining "works" would be problematic at times.

But here's an example:

I'd be okay with whatever mechanism it took to legalize marijuana, because it seems fairly obvious that most people are in favor of legalization. I'd also make sure that there would be a mechanism in place to re-criminalize if there were unexpected problems.
In fact, that would be the main plank of my party: ALL legislation and adjudication subject to a 5-year review. Legislation would get another 5 years after the review, adjutication would become semi-permanent (maybe a 2nd review after 20 years before permanence? Or: review at 5, 20, and 75 years? I'm open to debate on that.

I can understand that some good ideas must be forced on the people for their own good, like giving medicine to a child, or forcing them to try every kind of food on their plate, because sometimes they find they like something by taste they rejected merely on appearance.

I'd be okay with judicial activism, even on lefty goals, as long as a mechanism is always in place to overturn it by the will of the people. Any imposition by a small group of people should NEVER be permanent. The people should be given their chance to ratify.

For instance: If the Civil Rights Act were ruled UnConstitutional today, an amendment to the Constitution would be passed in a jiffy. But not so with Roe v. Wade. Which is why the Democrats guard it so jealously...but shouldn't the people have a right to review the issue now that we've seen the results for 30 years?

It worked with Prohibition. People aren't as stupid as politicians seem to think.

If my Party were in power, we could have saved Terry Schiavo's life without having to make the whole mess some sort of proxy for the battle between Christians and Secularists, or a fight over governmental landmarks. If it works, you do it, and it doesn't have to be considered a precedent if you don't want it to.

Whatever Works.

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