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April 30, 2005

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How you can not admire a guy who says things like this:

I can’t guarantee everybody I’m going to be a Pro Bowler, or even be that great of a player, but I know I’ll be a 250-pound crazy white boy running down the field on kickoffs.”

At the very least, he's be an Quotable All-Pro. I hope he shows enough ability to stay on the team for a long time.

Posted by Nathan at 12:49 PM | Comments (1)

Hey Brian whats crackin? Besides someones head on opening kickoff tonight!haha I dont know what sort of comments u are looking for but i will tell you this,THE BOOM IS THE REAL DEAL!Being his older (but just as pretty) cousin I had the luxury of watching this kid grow up.Hard work and determination are just two of many words i could use to describe his approach to the game of football as well as his life. We,ve all known for a long time he was on the verge of something great. For him to get drafted in the fifth round by the Kansas City Chiefs certainly came as no surprise to me! I wasn't one of the family members dancing in the street that day,actually i was standing waist deep in water at my favorite fishing hole when my cell phone rang.It was my fiance. The only thing she said was "looks like Boomer's headed to Kansas City to play a little football"! I promise you there was some serious celebrating going on in the middle of nowhere!I screamed so loud the fishing hasnt been right since!ha! Kansas City! I still get goose bumps!What a great place to play football! Not to mention getting to play for Dick Vermeil!WOW! I cant wait to pick up a box of Topps Total Football Cards and take a crack at opening up a Boomer Grigsby Rookie Card!Awesome!I hope everyone in Kansas city is happy with there fifth round draft choice,I can tell you everyone here in Canton is still dancing in the street and we can promise you one thing.YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET!

Posted by: jeff at September 18, 2005 06:49 AM
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