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December 13, 2004

Monday Night Football Update « Kansas City Chiefs »

Win or lose (and they've done a bad job of stopping much on defense but a good job of keeping on offense), I like the way the KC defense has stepped it up in the 4th quarter. They got a good stop by hustling on each play, gang tackling, hitting hard and not letting 'em get an extra inch.'d be nice if they could play like that from the first and keep it up for 4 quarters. But since KC has had the lead or been tied in the 4th quarter for 12 of 13 games, including 7 of 8 losses in which the offense usually couldn't do well enough to pull ahead and the defense often was unable to stop a late, game-winning drive, seeing this sort of intensity in a close game is good.

But Bartee, for all his good, strong tackles, is still getting burned too often as a cornerback. He'd be an awesome free safety, though. Am I the only person who can see that????

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