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December 13, 2004

Kansas City In-Game Observation « Kansas City Chiefs »

I missed the 1st quarter and a portion of the 2nd. Obligations to the kids...

But when Eddie Kennison got open deep, if Trent Green had hit him in stride, it would have been a touchdown. Since it was badly underthrown, the defender, Waddell, had time to catch up and take position away from Kennison, and it was an interception.

The next series, Trent Green avoided what looked like a sure sack (he's good at that, you know). The cornerback defending Johnny Morton (Waddell again, I think), was looking into the backfield...maybe being ready to step up if Green decided to run for the first down, and Morton blew past him and was wide open. Trent Green lofted another pass...and it was only that Waddell was beaten so badly that Morton was able to catch the pass on the 1 and roll in for the touchdown. Again, badly underthrown...but an easy TD if Green had hit him stride.

So what's up with Trent Green underthrowing passes? Maybe his ribs still aren't 100%?

And I'm not surprised about Volek. I saw him playing against U of Hawaii about 5 years back and expected him to be an eventual starter in the NFL. He's got a great touch.

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