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August 09, 2004

If You Read It, You Read It Here First « Social Issues »

Remember this article regarding weaselly announcements from the CDC that appear designed to inspire confidence in a method of protection that fails 15% of the time even when used absolutely correctly?

In that post, I said:

Or even more importantly, it might reduce government funding...

Bottom line: Is an attitude political correctness intimidating the CDC from giving us the facts?

In today's Kausfiles, we read:

there's a new twist: The creation of a permanent, self-perpetuating AIDS bureaucracy that has a vested interest in maintaining the disease but little interest in curing it. [Emph. added]

Now, two people coming to similar conspiracy-theory conclusions proves nothing at all. But an understanding of human nature indicates why it is far too easy for the conspiracy theory to already be reality...

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