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August 09, 2004

Round-Up « Politics As Usual »

I don't usually do these...heck, I don't think I've ever done a blogging round-up before, now that I think of it. I usually link pieces one by one so I can do some value-added commenting or introduction to the linkage.

Well, today's blogging round-up is going to be political. I've run across a few things I must link, and so here they are:

First, Michael Novak explains why Kerry will lose, and why it will drive Democrats even more insane. Then he
sums up and responds to the trends of email reactions to the previous piece, including a point-by-point, backed-up-with-references debunking of untruths Democrats believe about President George W. Bush.

In Zombyboy's absence, Jerry (also known as Stumpjumper) has been doing some excellent writing. He makes a strong case (again, backed up with references) that John Kerry is far less trustworthy than the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth who are attempting to undermine Kerry's candidacy.

Finally, I was a little irritated about the idea of a non-governmental organization coming in to monitor our elections until I read this article by Jay on what the actual details are.

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