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August 07, 2004

Early Indications From Camp « Kansas City Chiefs »

I've been reading everything I could about the Chiefs' progress at training camp. Here are some thoughts and impressions:

It was hard to really gauge whether the defense has improved or not at first. It seemed like the defense wasn't making many good plays against KC's offense... but then, we are talking about the best and most balanced offense in the NFL over the last two years. But after one day of practice with the Vikings, it seems there has been significant improvement. Sure, no one can really stop Randy Moss, but who can? However, this article (registration probably required) makes it sound like KC's defense has made significant strides:

The Kansas City defensive front seven generally won the nine-on-seven running drill and an 11-on-11 red zone drill while Minnesota's first team had the upper hand during the seven-on-seven passing drill.

When the team's met for the closest thing to gamelike conditions — an 11-on-11 drill at midfield — the teams traded good plays.

I really like that we won during the running drills, since our biggest problem was stopping the run last year.

This next paragraph was also intriguing:

Click on this link to Sportsblog to read the rest of the article...

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