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July 23, 2004

Holy Crap! What a Rant!
No, they can't get their stories straight.

Now it appears that there is a building frenzy over who within the Bush White House knew of Le Affaire Bergler, when they knew it, and who leaked the story?

Never mind that it was likely Sandy and his legal counsel that leaked the story.

Never mind that Wilson is a liar, or Clarke is a liar, or that Saddam butchered and raped and murdered his people for decades, or tried to assassinate a former POTUS, or that WMD are being found, or that Al Qaeda was setting up cells in Iraq before the war, or that Clinton, Gore and everyone else thought Saddam trafficked in terrorism and possessed WMD before January 2000, or that our borders are porous and our State Department and DHS still do too little to prosecute visa and immigration violations, or that Kofi Annan, his son, and the director of the UN Oil for Food Program, along with the French, Russians, and others were part of a $10 Billion conspiracy, or that minority home ownership is the highest in our nation's history, or that the economy is strong and growing at rates not seen in decades, or that the US is near record-low unemployment, or that France is not capable nor has the resources nor interest in being our ally in the fight against terrorism, or that Arafat is a corrupt dictator and is financing and organizing daily attacks against civilians in Israel, or that Israel cannot sit on the UN Security Council or its judges adjudicate on the bench of the World Court, or that Iran is speeding toward possession of nuclear weapons with the explicit threat of using them to annihilate the Israelis, or that no matter how hard we try, or wish, or pretend, or deny, there are millions of radicalized Islamists who want to kill every non-Muslim infidel, including the producers, directors, actors, musicians, and writers of Western art and entertainment, all of this within 3 years of the worst terrorist attacks and loss of human life within our nation's borders...




From the comments on this post, linked so you can see what got him started.

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