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May 17, 2004

WMD Found In Iraq « GWOT »

Several similar reports.

At the very least, this represents a major development in the evolution of tactics used against Coalition Forces.

This report goes a little deeper; however, I disagree with some of its conclusions. Even if this shell dates back to prior to the first gulf war, I think its presence is more than an oversight (oops! forgot to destroy one!), and signifies a deliberate effort to retain WMD, which is a further material breach of Resolution 1441 and absolutely satisfies all given objections to invading Iraq.

Update II:
Hm. A definitive coverage on the Sarin gas shell can be found at Citizen Smash's

However, it should be possible to trace the origin of this shell through casing fragments, or if they managed to copy down batch/serial number before they exploded the ordnance (which I'm going to hope they did).

If the origin is traceable, and if the shell is determined to be from Saddam's arsenal, then it is clear that the WMD was not destroyed, and Saddam was attempting to maintain an arsenal of chemical weapons at a minimum.

Understand this: we don't need a "smoking gun." We don't need to find vast quantities. If we find just one definitive sample of chemical or nuclear weapons, then the question of Iraq and WMD is settled, period.

Even if no one on the left would ever admit it.* They really haven't demonstrated much in the way of deep introspection or the ability to admit mistaken assumptions.

[* because, "Bush told the truth and people died!" just doesn't sound as snappy...]

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