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August 08, 2008

Just What Kind of Blogger Am I, Anyway? ¬ę Blogging ¬Ľ

To tell the truth, I hate blogging about politics.

I am very passionate about my political beliefs, but Iíve gotten to the point that I hate blogging about it. I recognize that when I put what I believe down on trons (canít say ďdown on paperĒ, right?) that I am alienating anyone who doesnít agree with me. Some of my favorite people are either slightly or strongly in opposition to my political views.

Aside from all that, I seem to get the most attention from the rest of the blogosphere when I write about other things than politics.

So why do I do it?

Well, sometimes I feel like Iím being unfair to my regular readers when I donít post. As hard as it is to fathom, some people actually like to read what Iíve written. If I donít post, people start worrying about me and stuff. And thereís nothing worse than not getting your free ice cream, right?

But there are a few things that appear to be coming together. The Chiefs are looking like they will be very, very interesting this year, if not very good (although Iím convinced they may surprise some people). So Iíll have quite a bit to write about there.

My involvement with Car Lust Blog also has me thinking (and therefore, writing) more and more about cars.

I have lots and lots of guitar stuff to write aboutÖIíve been considering starting a regular Guitar Lust feature (modeled after the Car Lust), and have started assembling lots of pictures for that. I was daunted by the idea of running out of guitars to talk about, and that too many were just: ďWell, Iíve never played one and probably never will, but itís *pretty*Ē. But you know what? Screw it. Iím going to start doing one Guitar Lust each week.

So this fall I think should be a fruitful time for this blog.

Hopefully, Iíll be able to avoid the politics that polarize.

Öright after I post another political post, of course.

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As much as your guitar posts make my girly bits all tingly, I really like your political posts. Just as with David, you and I couldn't be on further ends of the spectrum, but that's why I like you.

I know my opinion, and I don't need to read someone reiterating it for me. I'd much rather read a well, written, poised opposing view any day. It gives me something to think about, you know? I am all about hearing the other side of the argument.

Long comment to say this: Don't shy away from politics, especially now. Some of us are waiting for it.

Posted by: Mr Lady at August 8, 2008 12:54 PM

I too tend to be very careful with politics and religion, lest I invite a whole bunch of hate-comments. And I'm one who would rather get along and agree to disagree than get nasty and confrontational. I tend to take such things personally. As far as you go, we seem to pretty much share common beliefs, but sometimes you bring a perspective that I'm not familiar with into the discussion, and that's what makes it interesting. Or something I'm totally in tune with so I can say "Cool! I'm not the only one that feels this way!" So keep on with whatever posts make you happy. The family stuff is good to hear too, even though I know things are a bit dicey now. Good news is always good.

Posted by: diamond dave at August 8, 2008 01:56 PM