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May 31, 2008

Trolling for Nano-Pundit Links: Nanopaper Soaks Up Oil Spills « Stuff Important to Me »

Cool stuff. Because I'm all about technology helping keep the environment clean. We aren't going to roll back the clock and return to primitivism. Technology will make things dirty, and we must use technology to clean it up:

It looks like paper. It feels like paper. It's even made like paper. But this paper, made from metal nanowires, can sit in water for months and never get wet, while soaking up to 20 times its weight in oil.


By itself, the nanopaper sucks up water just like normal paper. But by coating the nanopaper with siloxane vapor, a common polymer, the researchers turned it from a super hydrophilic material into a super hydrophobic material, repelling water while attracting oil.

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