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March 07, 2008

Name That Party!!! « Media Distortions »

Here's an example.

My question is:
What do Democratic/liberal news readers think of this sort of thing?
There is certainly the limitation of anecdotal evidence when we conservatives feel like this happens all the time. The peril of perspective, if you will, that as a conservative, I am more sensitive to the leftward lean on this issue, and thus might not notice when a conservative-leaning publication does the same thing to shield GOP politicians.

So I asked my liberal-leaning co-workers.

They got angry and pretty much refused to answer, despite my repeated insistence that I was asking an honest question in search of an honest answer, and wanting to hear viewpoints different than my own.

One person rather irritatedly said that the number of above-the-fold articles about Clinton shenanigans back in the 90s make my question a non-starter.

I didn't reply, because it was going to start a fight. But that really doesn't seem to be the same thing, to me.

Can any (either) of you, my readers, fill me in on what you think?
1) Do you think there is an effort to bury the affiliation of Democratic Party politicians while highlighting that of Republicans?
2) If so, do you think it is intentional or unintentional?
3) If not, how do you explain/justify the lack of mention of affiliation in the above-linked (and similar) articles?
3) Do you think there is an equal and opposite tendency in conservative-leaning publications?
4) If you aren't a Democratic party voter, what do you think Democratic party voters think about this? Do they not notice, not care, approve, etc?

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I am so confused.

Posted by: Mr Lady at March 8, 2008 06:09 PM

I think it might be subconscious, and as the Main Stream Media is by far more liberal than not.

It might also be a defense mechanism. Ignorance is bliss you know.

It probably happens in rigth wing news devices, but I've not noitced it. I've noticed more of a diversionary tactic by comparing Right Wing Crimes to Left Wing ones when Right Wing Crimes happen, but that is limited to the debate shows, not the news ones.

Posted by: Jeremy at March 11, 2008 06:53 AM

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