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November 27, 2007

Facing the Truth about the 4-7 Chiefs « Kansas City Chiefs »

It is impossible to pin any of our losses on a single failure. It has required multiple failures of various aspects of the game to put us at 4-7. We've had inconsistent play from the QB while Huard was in, the O-line for the entire season, the D-line for the last 3 games, the pass defense in the 4th quarter against Green Bay, the run defense in the 4th quarter against Indy and Oakland, the WRs in the first 3 games, we're on our #3 RB, our CBs have been inconsistent most of the season, but Law gave up too many 3rd down completions against the Jags, playcalling at times, too many penalties in most of our games, strings of missed key field goals, lousy returns.

We've missed by inches in most of the above problems. Of all those problems, the O-line is the most clear culprit. They have not protected the QB, they have not opened lanes for the running game, and they've made stupid (unnecessary) motion and holding penalties that have put us 15-20 yards from a first down too many times. With a better O-line and kicker, we could be 11-0 right now. Sure, about half the teams in the NFL could say that...but half couldn't.

Solari is, at most, 10% of the problem (some bad play calls). Herm is, at most, 10% of the problem (I hold him responsible for our excessive penalties). On the other hand, most other coaches would not have put us in the situation where we were so close from being 8-3. I understand the frustration, but don't let it get in the way of insight and sense.

Bottom line: Despite all the whining, CP and Herm have us very close to being a contender. More experience for our key youngsters (Croyle, K. Smith, Page, Pollard, Brackenridge, Bowe, Webb, Niswanger, McBride, Tyler... and maybe G. Harris? H. Taylor? Nate Harris? Dmitri Patterson? Michael Allan? Boomer Grigsby?) and another strong draft will get us there. Patience.

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