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November 04, 2007

Quit the Whining, Chiefs Fans! « Kansas City Chiefs »

I'm looking around, and it seems like all there is out there these days is negativity.

I'm not negative. I think we're doing fine.

We aren't great, no. We aren't at the level of the Colts and Patriots...but who is?

We've got some good things going right now. I believe, in no particular order:
1) Herm Edwards is one of the best coaches in the league, and is showing it now that he is with one of the better front offices in the league. To be 4-4 and be able to say you missed opportunities to be 6-2 or 7-1 is amazing, considering the problems we've had with injuries, youth, and our O-line.

(...and maybe that's the point. In a vacuum, we aren't all that good, just 4-4. But considering where people expected us to be, we are still in great shape to win the division and win one or two playoff games).

2) Our defense may be the best in the league. They constantly deal with bad field position from our sub-par offense, but still keep us in every game.

3) Damon Huard is winning games for us, even if not with scintillating stats. He can win playoff games for us, too, with this defense.

4) We've got an excellent D-line. Allen, Hali, Edwards, Boone, and McBride all had at least 2 good plays in the last game. Allen is the biggest sack threat in the NFL this season.

5) Page has learned how to tackle. DJ is hitting well...he just needs to start forcing turnovers to be a pro-bowler and help us win more games/playoff games.

6) We are 2 O-linemen, 1 WR, and maybe 1 CB away from having a Super Bowl contender. We are 5-6 players away from being a Super Bowl favorite. 2-3 of those may already be on the roster, and the other 3-4 can come in free agency and the draft next season.

7) For us to be 4-4 and tied for 1st in the division (with the inside track due to tiebreaking advantage over SD) with the state of our offense in general, and our running game in specific, is truly amazing...which goes back to the excellence of Herm Edwards as a coach.

All I want to see is for us to improve over last year. 10-6 and a playoff win will tickle me pink and set us up well for next season. 11-5, 2 playoff wins, or winning the division should qualify Herm for Coach of the Year honors.

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