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August 14, 2007

Ma Ying-jeou Acquitted « China/Taiwan »

Surprisingly, in the first trial.

I expected a conviction, and then for Ma to win on appeal (in Taiwan, you aren't really "convicted" unti you lose your 2nd appeal, the 3rd trial). Having him be acquitted in the first trial demonstrates how weak the case was.

Many prosecutors (some his Pan-Green opponents) said Ma should never have been indicted. Moreover, several Pan-Green politicians were acquitted or the prosecutor refused to indict for the exact same action/charge.

Yet the hardcore Pan-Green supporters still cry foul.

Reading a number of Green-leaning blogs (not just Mr. Turton's) and reading the Pan-Green media, one is given the impression that whatever the DPP does is good, and anything the KMT does is bad. The facts in a lawsuit can never actually be on the KMT side; thus any KMT victory in the courts can only be due to judicial malfeasance, bribed judges, etc. The only time justice is ever done is if the Pan-Green wins. (sigh)
Equating Ma's inadvertant financial accounting mistake with Chen Shui-bian's deliberate theft and cover-up (using not only his wife, but his wife using her friends to provide fraudulent receipts!) is just silly. Chen has half his family either in trial or convicted. If even just 1/10th of what has been revealed about Chen's dealings is true, he's one of the most corrupt politicians since Boss Tweed.

There are political hatchet jobs, and then there are people who treat politics like a spectator sport, complete with unreasonable loyalties and the logical blind spots that ensue. The Pan-Greens seem to have more than their share of blind partisans. Exaggeration for Effect Alert: Most of them seem to think that the best step to improve democracy in Taiwan is to not allow the late 40s immigrants, their descendents, and the military to vote.

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Boy did you misread what I wrote! I'll be posting later today. The prosecution of Ma was of course political, like the prosecution of Chen -- as I have mentioned many times. But minds like yours read what they want to read.....


Posted by: Michael Turton at August 14, 2007 01:41 PM

The only thing I linked you as saying was crying foul. The rest is an impression of not only your general themes in writing, but also those at Taiwan Matters and That's Impossible Politics from Taiwan.
The final sentence is admittedly exaggeration. But I've seen you make statements on your blog that indicate you seem to think that whatever Chen Shui-bian does for independence is automatically for democracy. That isn't necessarily the case.
I'll edit to clarify.
Other pan-green supporters and media make a big deal out of the 1 million signatures that Chen got for the referendum. Chen himself said he had no choice but to listen to such a large number. On the other hand, pan-green media and Chen feel no such compulsion to listen to the opinion of the 1 million signatures demanding Chen step down.
Why the assumption that the anti-Chen petition is the only one politically motivated? Why the assumption that only the Blues have a political machine? You and your fellow bloggers have strongly implied just those things, although you don't necessarily say it flat out.

You give Chen Shui-bian more support for defending Shih Ming-de than you give Shi Ming-de. Who gave up more for the cause of freedom in Taiwan? I'll give you a hint: his initials aren't CSB.

Why do you ignore the dirty tricks that the Pan-Green's use in every single major election? ...from a last second selectively-edited film designed to imply Blue vote buying to a faked sex tape (both helping the DPP to narrow victories in Kaohsiung), to an extremely suspicious assassination attempt that just happened to give Chen the excuse to prevent a huge block of military from voting.

I didn't get all that from one post, no. But from reading you (and other Green blogs and news media) off and on for more than a year.

Posted by: Nathan at August 14, 2007 02:05 PM

I do dig your photos, though.

Posted by: Nathan at August 14, 2007 03:13 PM

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