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July 18, 2007

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How many people does China execute every year?


750,000 Chinese die every year due to pollution...but is that actually a relatively low number?

Bonus questions: Does China's high capital murder number help keep China's violent crime rate low? If 1000 people are executed for violent crimes (rape, murder, aggravated assault), and the per capita murder rate is much lower than in other countries, does the correlation help justify the execution rate?
Which is worse, to be raped/murdered or executed for rape/murder by the govt? In both cases, you are dead.
Obviously, it sucks to be executed by the govt if you are innocent of the accused crime. But is it any better to be murdered for no reason? Or murdered because you stole money, got someone's husband/wife to cheat, or otherwise offended someone?

And how does this compare with the idea that 150x more people are "executed" (or "murdered") per year, simply due to pollution? What is the moral/social debt of pollution?

Is Al Gore guilty for the dozen people who die due to his use of airplanes to fly around the country preaching about global warming (no, I won't let people morph that into the less-specific "global climate change")?

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