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December 03, 2006

Kansas City Loses to the Browns « Kansas City Chiefs »

Our starting QB lost the game for us.

If he doesn't throw an INT in the end zone, we get a FG and the game never goes to overtime.

After getting up by 2 TDs, our starting QB then went 3 for 9 in the 3 possessions that counted. He got only 26 yards (which means a horrible 2.9 yard/attempt!), converted only 1 of 3 3rd downs, and fumbled the ball away in our own territory when we still had a chance to win with a FG.

On the 3rd of those possessions, the first in overtime, he went 1 of 4 for a mere 8 yards. The team that wins the toss wins most overtimes. Our QB didn't get it done, putting our defense on the field to save the game. (which they didn't)

But if our QB had done his job, we would have
- been up 3 scores with 9 minutes left instead of just 2 scores.
- run enough time off the clock to prevent their tying score
- scored a FG to end the game in overtime

The defense didn't win the game. But a starting QB has to be better than 3/9 with a TO or 1/4 for 8 yards when the game is on the line.

Trent had a great 3+ quarters. But his sub-par 4th lost the game.

Go back to what Herm said from the beginning: the offense has to help the defense. We've lost too many games with Trent Green QBing the team because he scores a bunch of points, but can't get a first down when we need one to close out a game.

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