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November 28, 2006

Are U.S. Soldiers Dying for Partisan Media Lies? « GWOT »

It's possible. Nay, it's probable.

AP has been using a stringer for months to report false atrocities.

An agenda is being pushed that does not benefit the U.S., its citizens, or its soldiers. It seems to only benefit Democrat politicians and the news media.
The Democracy Project has more:

Theres, also, little reason to doubt that much of the reporting were getting, which is feeding despair among many Americans, is unreliable. The major media has not been forthcoming about its reporting practices, so we are left in the dark with our -- possibly excessive, but definitely debilitating fears.

The major medias failure to examine itself and to share that with its customers is nothing short of malfeasance of the highest order. The medias influence on the fates of hundreds of millions of people and the future of nations requires such transparency, and quickly.

(links/quotes/evidence provided at that site)

For all the effort the media made to convince Americans we invaded Iraq on the pretext of a lie (which is absolutely wrong, on all counts: we didn't invade solely or even mainly on Saddam's WMD possession, and he clearly did possess a capable, albeit dormant, WMD program), the media is making an equally strong effort to get us out of Iraq based on their lies. They work hard to expose the U.S. military attempting to use news media to influence terrorists into quitting, then wittingly and willingly allow themselves to be used by terrorists and insurgents to influence Americans into quitting.

War by other means, indeed.

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