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July 29, 2005

Why The Chiefs Must Win the Superbowl This Year « Kansas City Chiefs »

Future Hall of Famers (near-lock):
Willie Roaf
Will Shields
Dante Hall
Tony Gonzales
Priest Holmes

Sure, TG and Dante probably need another record-breaking season or several more seasons of being dangerous weapons before they become a lock. Priest may have problems since he lost so many games to injury and wasn't a force until he came to the Chiefs (although I don't think there's ever been a runner so dangerous inside the 20...which is sufficient to meet Hall of Fame criteria, in my opinion).

But look at that: there are five near-lock Hall of Famers playing on the same team right now. They are all on offense, which is why are offense has been so good.

But we cannot allow future generations to ask: "If they had so many legends on one team, why couldn't they win even one Superbowl?" Heck, I'm not sure I could face my grandchildren if they can ask me: "If they had so many legends on one team, why couldn't they win even one playoff game?"

And let's face it: if KC builds a little mini-dynasty, plugging in players when the older ones drop off, like Roaf and Shields being replaced by Sampson and Black, and Holmes being replaced by Larry J, and Patrick Surtain being replaced by Alphonso Hodge, then even peope like Tony Richardson, Trent Green, Jared Allen, and a few others might have a chance to make the Hall of Fame (as many of the players associated with the Patriots of the last 4 years might). Nothing gets the "legend" accolade like winning the big one.

So that's why. We need to cement the legend status of some of these great KC players, and create some new legends at the same time.

All we gotta do is improve the defense, hold on to the key players we signed, keep drafting projects, and maintain the offense. Sure, that's like saying, "All we need to do to win three Superbowls in a row is be the best team in football three years running!" But the way the team is coming together, I'm not sure that's impossible.

We have young linebackers that are catching on and set to break out this year (Fox and Mitchell), with two more probably ready to go next year at the latest (Scanlon and Grigsby). Not to mention a possible all-everything player in Derrick Johnson. Kendrell Bell is still young, but I'm not sure how long his body will last, or how long he'll stay with the team. He may be a life-long Chief now...but who knows?

We have a talented young RB in Larry Johnson.

We have talented young WRs in Samie Parker, Freddie Mitchell (remains to be seen if he can repair his career), Richard Smith. And what about Craphonso Thorpe...?

We have excellent young linemen in Kevin Sampson, Jordon Black, and maybe Brett Williams.

We have a TE in his prime in Tony Gonzales, and another who will excell as his complement (althogh probably couldn't on his own) in Kris Wilson.

We have an up-and-coming DE in Jared Allen (led all rookies in sacks last year--nothing to sneeze at). Carlos Hall may develop into a complete player, and Siavii may as well. I'm really hoping Ryan Sims comes on strong this year. For him as well as us. Everything I've read about him is he's a good guy, and deserves a good career. (article coming soon)

We have some talented young CBs in Alphonso Hodge, Benny Sapp, Justin Perkins. I think Warfield is good right now.

Heck, we may have a top-notch punter now in Colquitt, and I think Tynes can be quite good.

There are three positions I'm not sure have anyone ready to step in when an aging starter decides to hang it up: QB, DT, and S. Because as much as I like Willie Pile, William Bartee, and Shaunard Harts, if they were the answer at S, we wouldn't have brought in Sammy Knight. I do believe, however, that Greg Wesley will return to near-pro-bowl level this year and the foreseeable future.

So with the potential talent coming up in the near future (the benefit of having decent depth on offense and so being able to draft projects instead of having to find someone to produce NOW), we can continue to draft projects for future excellence, sign a few free agents to shore up any obvious holes each year, and be well-set for winning Super Bowls for several years. We've just got to win the first one, and it must start now.

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You got me pumped with that one Nate. I'm ready for the season to start, and you are exactly right in the fact that we need to win the big one this year. With the talent, both on offense and defense this year, there is no reason why we shouldn't. It would be an incredible waste of talent.
I hope you dont mind me bringing you this article on coach Vermeils' new movie. I did't link it because I found it on a discussion board (absent the link, obviously).

Movie will focus on story of Vermeil's invincible Eagle

This time of year, former Rams coach Dick Vermeil doesn't spend much time thinking about films ... unless, of course, they're the sort involving live-action footage taken in training camp.

But this year is different. In addition to the heaps of film he'll pore over as coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, he will be one of the main subjects of a movie touching on his tenure as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Walt Disney Pictures film, "Invincible," will tell the story of former Eagles special teams player Vince Papale's story, and Vermeil's role in it. Papale was a 30-year-old bartender in Philadelphia who, in the mid-1970s, decided to try his luck in an open tryout held by the Eagles under Vermeil.

"He made the team and he ended up being a very good special teams player," Vermeil said in a phone interview Thursday from Chiefs training camp in River Falls, Wis. "He was a great kid - one of those high-energy, enthusiastic kids that I love."

Papale became the oldest rookie to make an NFL roster and has been tagged the real-life Rocky in Philadelphia by locals there.

Papale will be played by actor Mark Wahlberg, while Vermeil will be played by Greg Kinnear, most recently of the "Bad News Bears" remake. Kinnear's most notable film is "As Good as it Gets," in which he starred with Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson.

Vermeil's wife, Carol Vermeil, also will be portrayed in the movie. The coach said he wasn't certain who will portray her.

Vermeil said he has spoken to Kinnear - who does resemble the coach in his Eagles days - on the phone and that the actor may show up to watch the Chiefs practice today.

Asked who he would cast to play himself, Vermeil chuckled and said: "Everybody tells me Robert Redford and I look alike. I've been told that by 1,000 people. But I don't know."

He added: "I never watch things I'm in, and I never read things my name is on, so I may not be as excited as someone ought to be about something like this."

While it's clearly never been a goal of his to be portrayed in a movie - Vermeil would much prefer to build his collection of Super Bowl rings - the coach said he has read the script and that he realizes screenwriters "really play with the truth."

Still, he realizes Papale's story is a good one, and he plans to see the movie when it comes out.

"I'll see it," he said. "I'm sure."

But now Vermeil has his mind on other matters.

"I'm in the season," he said. "And we're going to be a good football team."

Posted by: Warpaint at July 29, 2005 10:48 AM

Shoot, WP, I never mind anyone adding good info to discussions, or even going slightly off-topic. Anything is fair game as long as it's civil and interesting.

Posted by: Nathan at July 29, 2005 11:08 AM

The Chiefs have always been a flagship team of the NFL and it is not wrong if they have started anticipating their Super Bowl victory. Starting with first draft pick, LB Derrick Johnson from the University of Texas, free agent LB Kendrell Bell, free agent CB Patrick Surtain and free agent S Sammy Knight, the Chiefs will emerge as formidable players. All the Best Chiefs!
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Posted by: buzz girl at September 22, 2005 09:30 PM
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