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June 23, 2005

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Remember my gut reaction to the report that "religious intolerance" had been discovered at the USAF Academy?

When I read the report, I kept thinking: "Isn't preventing students from proselytizing their faith a violation of Freedom of Religious Expression?"

Even someone on 'Team Heretic' agrees with me.

The report found evidence of the "perception" of religious intolerance, though no real religious intolerance. It found "perceived bias" but no real bias.

The Usual Suspects act like, well, they usually do:

Last week, a group of Democrats in Congress tried to pass a measure condemning the Air Force Academy for allowing religious proselytizing at the school before the report was released.
(emphasis mine)

This is just getting ridiculous.

Expect more breathless reports, since this allows liberals to attack two things they hate: the military and Christianity.*

*...and later, like a dog returning to its vomit, the talking heads will scuttle out of the woodwork to complain treatment of women and minorities has worsened, never once noticing that their attempt to diminish the influence of Christianity is the biggest cause for that.


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