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June 16, 2005

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Need help changing the look of the address in the
address bar. Does anyone know the HTML code to do

Posted by Nathan at 10:04 AM | Comments (5)

What do you mean "change the address"? From a technical standpoint, I'm not clear on what you mean. Examples of what it is now and what you want it to be?

Posted by: Sharp as a Marble at June 16, 2005 10:25 AM

Nathan did me a favor by posting this...

Currently, I have a long tangle of web address. I would like it to read in the addy bar as a domain I have purchased. Currently, that domain name merely "redirects", but the looooong web page address is still there.

so, instead of reading:

I would just want it to read

Does that make sense? (I often don't make sense).

Posted by: Jo at June 16, 2005 10:45 AM

Unless you can change the nameserver info for the domain name that you purchased and register the new domain name on the server that is hosting your site, I don't think that you can do it.

That is, if it's something like my free service provider (Comcast) Web space, I can't change the domain name. I could put up pages and serve them into a frameset where I host the actual domain name, but that doesn't really make more sense than putting all the stuff on the shared (non-free) server space.

Did that make sense?

Posted by: zombyboy at June 16, 2005 05:51 PM


It is registered to my nameserver (@ hosting matters) but I have it "redirecting". What else do I do?

Thank you in advance :)

Posted by: Jo at June 17, 2005 07:49 AM

That's what I mean--a redirect that sends you to another server just sends you to another URL. It has to be registered on the same server that it's being hosted on.

Here's how it works (sort of):

User asks for
The request goes to their DNS servers and, ultimately, the request is routed to hosting matters where the query is sent to the correct server.

That server redirects to your other domain name ( which starts the request all over again.

The result is that people end up at, not a disguised version of

To fix this, you have to change the name servers in the records for your domain name to point to the people hosting But that won't do any good until they have registered the domain name in their name servers (I was probably over-simplifying earlier) so that requests are routed correctly.

So, to get to go to another place, I have to go through these steps:

1. Set up the account on another site to host This might be a new account or an add on account in shared server space, but it has to be registered with that hosting company so that their name servers know what to do with requests.

2. Go into wherever I purchased the domain name and change the reference for the name servers to the new IP addresses supplied by the other hosting company. This isn't a redirect, it's an actual change in address.

3. Wait for the changes to propogate.

Posted by: zombyboy at June 17, 2005 11:07 AM
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