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April 27, 2005

Has anyone ever avoided a sexual harassment charge by claiming to be gay? As in, "I don't know how she got the impression I was referring to her body, because I'm gay and don't care how she looks!"

Then again, since homosexuals can suddenly discover they have been gay all their life, could becoming gay after the harassment took place but before the investigation be a defense? As in, "It may have seemed like sexual harassment at the time, but now that I realize I'm gay and always have been, prosecution for that would not only be redundant, but a hate crime in and of itself by a heterosexual slandering a homosexual."

Ah, the interesting things that happen when you start chaining ideological pronouncements together.

Other thoughts:

How many sexual harassment charges have been made by women against women? How about by men against men?

*These are just musings, not indications of my beliefs. So this is open season for other interesting observations, refutations, observations, etc. Accusations, however, will probably get you ignored. Unless it is an interesting/amusing accusation.

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