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April 15, 2005

An Excellent Review of the Verona « Car Issues »



Now along comes the Verona, Suzuki's first attempt at a midsize car, and I was surprised to find a Toyota Camry clone.

Made in South Korea, the Verona resembles Camry in looks and performance and is very close in fit and finish. Outward styling looks like a combination of Honda Accord and Camry, and the tail is nearly a dead-ringer for the Toyota.

Its lines are more slim and attractive than either of its main competitors.

The price starts at $19,499, and even adding traction control, the test car hit just $20,499.

If you want a lower level Verona, there's the S, starting at $16,499 (anti-locks are optional) or the LX for $17,799 (sunroof is optional). You're lucky to get into a good compact or subcompact for either of those prices.

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