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April 02, 2005

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...maybe I should have posted these under "social issues...."

Ah, well. Next time I'll make a special category for the special type of madness that goes on here.

They closed the bar at midnight! What is wrong with these people!!

Ah, well. I've had a blast tonight. I know I'm going to be reading and linking people in the coming days whom I had never even heard of before tonight. Good has been done here.

...although I never expected I would feel so...embarassed, say, to have someone tell me they read my blog every day. I feel like such a celebrity!

Sort of. I mean, I did stand next to Jeff G. for fifteen minutes at the bar for a while. I talked with Stephen Green about digital cameras, and he didn't once refer to me as a mere insect! What a rush! [grin]

Yeah, I sort of feel like Navin Johnson. Sue me.

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