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March 27, 2005

No Google Logo for Easter? « Link O' Admiration »

Michelle Malkin describes a reader's letter that notes Google didn't do an Easter Logo this year and wonders if it was a snub.

They did do a special logo for Easter back in 2000:

It included this pretty cool little java applet.

Just hazarding a guess, this leads me to believe that a lack of Easter logos this year isn't so much a snub as an oversight; they probably do new logos when the mood strikes them, and no one had what they thought was a cool idea the past few years...

Posted by Nathan at 09:36 AM | Comments (1)

My Dear Michelle,

As the daughter of a Babtist Minister, I find "celebrating" the death and resurrection of Jesus as much fun as "celebrating" the death of my own Father. It was THE worst day of my life. For so many the cross is a representation of thier "faith." I have seen the cross as a symbol of torture that Jesus shared with mere mortals. Afterall, the Romans were pretty mean when it came to torture.

I choose to celebrate the LIFE of Jesus, and I have true faith that a life exists beyond the time I spend on this Earth. As a result I try to celebrate the life of Jesus by trying to be the best Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Auntie, I can be, EVERY DAY I am blessed to be here.

If Google chooses to celebrate the art of someone who challenged the "vision" of art during his time, then so be it. If you want a search engine to celebrate Easter and all it encompasses, create your own search engine domain. Isn't that what capitalism is about?

To suggest that there is some type of conspiricy of Google to negate Easter, tells me YOU are a dangerous Christian, in that you DO NOT THINK for yourself, and simply go with what others deem, to be a popular train of "thought." I find that quite sad.

As a former barmaid, for two summers, in a small town, I found the same people who had a "snoot full" on Saturday night, to be the same people who were at church on Sunday morning. I don't know about you, but I grow tired of being surrounded by sinners night in and day out.


Posted by: Roma at April 4, 2005 09:42 AM
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