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March 04, 2005

Mm-hmm, Sure « Kansas City Chiefs »

This* is just a negotiating ploy:

Hartwell was also headed for a visit with an undisclosed team. His agent, Harold Lewis, indicated Hartwell had decided he wanted to play for the Chiefs.

If he had really decided to play for the Chiefs already, he would have cancelled further visits. But if a team believes that Hartwell will sacrifice a million dollars or so to "play for the Chiefs, who he really wants", then they might be persuaded to ante up more like five million dollars to convince Hartwell he'd rather play for someone else besides the Chiefs.

In other news, we've lost Blaylock. Which is sad, but I think we'll get some compensation because he was a restricted Free Agent, which is good for us. We've actually had a little too much depth at running back the last year or so. I say "too" much, because we've had a startling lack of "topth" at cornerback and linebacker, to say nothing of "depth". So if the compensation I think we get for losing Blaylock helps us get another good defender, I guess I'm all for it, since we still have Larry Johnson to get breakaway TD runs and Priest Holmes for Red Zone TD runs.

*registration may be required, tho they usually give you one article without registration...

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