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December 19, 2004

Kansas City Embarasses the Denver Broncos « Kansas City Chiefs »

Wow! I expected the Denver-KC series to be a home-and-home split, but sheesh! --I didn't expect the Chiefs to make the Broncos look that inept!

A coupla thoughts: between the resurgence of Eddie Kennison and the development of Samie Parker, I think KC may be set up okay at wide receiver. Bennie Sapp is an excellent cornerback, despite being pretty dang short. I expect him to be the #3 next year. We still need a good #2 CB, and it looks like McCleon, Bartee, and Battle are all no better than a #4. We need a quality CB in the off-season.

And a couple of fast, rangy linebackers. Three players and we have a defense strong enough to match the offense to get us to the Superbowl next year. Now we just gotta find 'em.

But when you look at Dalton, Biesel, Allen, Sapp, Harts, and Pile, you see that KC can find good players. IF these guys improve at all by the start of next season, we'll have some difference-makers. We'll see.

Posted by Nathan at 01:26 PM | Comments (1)

They were talking about that game at the office this morning. With mostly Bronco fans, it was pretty brutal.

Posted by: R. Alex at December 20, 2004 07:21 AM
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