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November 14, 2004

Chiefs Lose! :( « Kansas City Chiefs »

It could be worse, I guess. I could be a Chiefs' fan...

--no, wait. I am. Okay, I guess life really sucks.

I can't say I anticipated this outcome, but I'm not surprised, either. The Chiefs haven't shown the ability to consistently win games.

The problem is the offense. Period.

The defense isn't the best in the league, no, but they do well enough to win games. Kansas City was up 10-0 at the end of the 1st quarter. Where did the offense go? The Saints defense is not known for its ferocity or tenacity, ranking even lower than KC's defense, I believe. So why couldn't KC's offense match the Saints score-for-score for the rest of the game and win by at least 10?

How can a team with a running back with over 100 yards in one half only have 13 points? How can a team less than 5 yards shy of 500 yards for the game have just 20 points? How can a team with an offense that stayed on the field for 2/3 the game against the Baltimore Ravens' defense not keep the Saints' offense off the field? How can a team that manhandled the Falcons' defensive line not do the same to every opponent?

Where is the offense?

Don't tell me it was cuz Priest Holmes was on the bench, because I didn't notice him having games like this in any wins this year. Blaylock was on fire.

Which brings up another point? Are we witnessing the passing of a torch? Blaylock is generally considered by team officials to be the best RB for picking up blitzes and so forth, and now he shows he can run with authority. Do you sit Priest Holmes down? What if Blaylock really does give KC a better chance to win?

...but I'm just messing with you, because Holmes can score inside the 5 when no one else can, and the Saints were like #31 against the rush coming in, I think I heard, so I could probably have broken 100 yards today....although maybe on 50 carries.

But I will close with a reminder that even before this game I was looking forward to next year. That's all we got left at this point. I think we might be lucky to hit 8-8.

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