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November 03, 2004

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Okay, I admit it: I like some of the new functionality at NZ Bear's latest version of the Ecosystem.

Except that I don't understand the way he does the links anymore. Apparently I've whined my way into enough attention that my actual work is getting attention now. I suddenly jumped up to 169 unique links and a ranking in the low 800s, good enough for Large Mammal.

...but when I look at the links on the bottom of the page, it's all the same people, and there's only 23 of 'em. How do I find the other linkers (looks like about 30 new ones in the last few days...probably due to the generous attention I've been getting from the Llama Butchers)?

I like to link the people who link me, but I can't link you back if I don't know about it. I used to find an occasional new linker from Ecosystem as well as I can't figure out how to do that with the Ecosystem. Any suggestions?

Posted by Nathan at 07:19 PM | Comments (2)

The advice which the Commissar gave us back in April (which didn't really sink in on us till much later, alas) is to be scrupulously careful that when you link to an item, you are sending a trackback "ping." That way, sites that you link to know that you did, and that's how we've gotten a fair amount of notice.

Trackbacks are the key. Trust the LLamas!

Posted by: Steve the Llamabutcher at November 4, 2004 05:23 PM

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