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October 04, 2004

Too Pat « GWOT »

I'm with Jon Henke on this: The CNSNews report that 'confirms' Saddam had WMD and extensive ties to terrorists doesn't seem credible to me.

In fact, I left this comment there:

Well, I'm about as right-wing and conservative as they come, and a blogger to boot...but don't find this report compelling.
To tell the truth, it's more of a gut reaction than anything I can point to; more like it is too much exactly what Iraqi Invasion advocates would need to justify every single aspect of their (our) arguments, and life rarely works out that neatly, if ever.

Who am I to make such a judgment? I'm no one significant at all, so hoot and deride as you will.

To be clear, however, I do think that each and every assertion is true, and that there is some evidence for each point. But such evidence comes from different sources and in different forms, of varying degrees of persuasiveness. The idea that one group of documents could prove every Warblogger talking point is beyond belief for me.

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