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September 15, 2004

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I gotta tell ya, after all my whining about not getting noticed or linked, I do finally feel satisfied. This:

Inbound Links: 128
Inbound Unique: 120
Current Rank: #854
Current Status: Marauding Marsupial
Average Daily Visits: 209


...seems to be what I think I deserve, and a fair total based on the level of quality I think I give. I don't know why it took me nearly 2 years to get to this point, but I'm happy now. Thank you all for being patient and supportive and participative. You have all played a significant part in this aspect of my life, and this aspect of my life is a significant (if somewhat small) part of my overall substantial contentment/satisfaction in life.

Again, thank you.

Posted by Nathan at 09:31 AM | Comments (5)

Bite me. I'm still a rodent.

Then again, I was quite surprised to see that Jeff G. of Protein Wisdom is a rodent too.

Posted by: Sharp as a Marble at September 15, 2004 09:37 AM

Well, isn't that the point of an ecosystem/food-chain? The bigger animals bite the smaller ones? [grin]

But don't forget, I have the linking boost from being a member of Take that away, and I'm sure I'm only a rodent, if not even lower. And you recently mentioned having a 1-day total of more than 1,300 hits. I've never gotten that much in 2 years of blogging.
And despite your protestations of insignificance, your traffic total in about one month is more than I had in my first 10 months of blogging. Consider that there are more people taking slices of the pie now than 2 years ago, and you are far ahead of any power curve that I set.

But that doesn't change the fact that even though it took me far longer to get here than I expected, I'm happy with the place I'm at right now.

Posted by: Nathan at September 15, 2004 09:46 AM

Oh, and your average daily hits already more than double mine.

Posted by: Nathan at September 15, 2004 09:47 AM

Actually, that's definitely a blip. During Frances, I lost power and was blogless for 3 days or so and my numbers went in the tank (3 0's will kill anything). So I reset the tracker.

I was around 350 avg before the hurricane though. Not too bad.

Finally, I'm being silly. I don't blog for the hits, I do it because it's interesting, I get to put up little tidbits I find interesting, and since I'm a programmer I get to fiddle with the code for fun.

Posted by: Sharp as a Marble at September 15, 2004 10:12 AM

Well, I'm being silly, too. Except for the "Thanks, everyone!" and "I'm pretty much happy now!" parts. Except that the "I'm pretty much happy now!" part is silly enough, even if I'm serious about it.

Posted by: Nathan at September 15, 2004 10:28 AM
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