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September 15, 2004

Musings on KC's Defense « Kansas City Chiefs »

You can find it here,, but I'm going to copy the whole thing below:

From Ivan Carter (one of the most insightful and accurate of the KC Star's sportswriters):

Here's the thing that sticks about the defensive performance last night: there were several opportunities to make a play and get off the field but the D couldn't do it. That's a problem. Every defense is going to give up some big plays. Look around the league, there are just too many freaky athletes on offense these days. Sometimes you are going to get gashed. But good defenses find a way to make the plays they have to make in tight spots. Denver did it on that big third and seven in the fourth. Their rookie corner made a nice tackle on Kennison and forced the Chiefs to punt. When Denver faced a third and seven situation late in the third quarter, Plummer hooked up with Rod Smith for a 13-yard gain. And then of course, your defense can't allow a team to go on a 13-play, 87-yard drive which eats up seven minutes of clock when your team is trailing 27-24 and needs the ball back. I really do believe that this defense will improve as the season goes and Gunther gets the guys playing his way but that was not a great start.

I think that's a very accurate and realistic assessment. I am disappointed in KC's defensive performance. They needed a stop and didn't get it. But it's a long season, you can't win every battle, and I think the defense will continue to improve and win more than they lose. Ignore the idiots.

From Vermeil:

The problems are basically the same and with the same people. People need to play with better discipline and better technique and more consistently than they are. They will do it or someone else will do it for them.

That is truly interesting. I can see some obvious aspects, and a good third of the things I point out show up later in the professional's assessments later in the week. But I have a hard time picking out which players are actually playing out of position or with bad discipline. Anyone have any insight as to which players Coach was talking about?

From the KC Star's "Chief Notes":

Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil said middle linebacker Monty Beisel “played much better” in making his first regular-season start Sunday night and could hold onto the starting job once Kawika Mitchell returns from an ankle injury he suffered in the second preseason game.

Please remember, you heard it here (from me) first.

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