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September 03, 2004

Thoughts and Impressions on the Last Preseason Game « Kansas City Chiefs »

Some good things and at least one disastrous event in last night's game.

Good things:

Richard Smith is ready for the NFL. He might be starting by the end of the year. If he continues to improve...

The rest, as always, is over here.

I'll be providing my Preseason Wrap-up and predictions for the first week by next Wednesday.

Posted by Nathan at 10:49 AM | Comments (2)

What do you think about former Rocky reciever Chris Horn?

Think he'll make the cut?

Posted by: Craig at September 3, 2004 11:32 AM

Hmmm...didn't even realize he was from there. I would have been rooting for him more.

He was on the bubble on my last chart, just getting edged out for the #5 WR spot (I had Dante Hall slated as a P/KR rather than a WR because that's his main function...WR is a bonus). Even at that time, there was always a chance he would have still claimed the last slot if they decided to keep Jared Allen rather than Kendall Gammon for long snapper, although it was more likely they would take Benny Sapp as 5th CB before they'd take a 6th WR with Dante Hall as the 7th.

That was before Boerigter went on the IR for his knee injury, though. We are now so short of experienced WRs, and after playing "Practice Squad/Active Roster" shuffle last year, they chose him for the playoffs, so he has experience with our offense. Add to that his darn good game against Dallas, including a near-TD long punt return, and I don't see how we can cut him now. So, yeah, I think he makes the team, and I think he deserves it. I further predict he'll probably have 15-25 catches and 2 TDs for the season.

Posted by: Nathan at September 3, 2004 05:12 PM
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