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August 31, 2004

Fun With Language Development « Kidblogging »

Okay, everyone must know by now that my kids are the cutest little critters on the planet. If not, raise your hand and I'll post more pictures.

In any case, my son, just about to turn 5, thinks he's figured out how to shorten words. The first one was when he was two, and noticed that "Daddy" shortened to "Dad", and "Mommy" shortened to "Mom", so "Baba" (Chinese for 'father') should shorten to "Bob", right?

His most recent attempt seems to have come from noticing that "poopoo" shortens to "poop", because he's always saying that he needs to go "peep".

Posted by Nathan at 09:32 PM | Comments (1)

My son, who will be five in December, says "peep" too. :)

Posted by: Jordana at September 1, 2004 09:39 AM
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