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August 29, 2004

Why Did Al Gore Lose? « Politics As Usual »

Because his strategist doesn't seem all that bright.

If you don't feel like reading tripe written by Donna Brazile (and who does?), I'll summarize it for you:

She offers four things Kerry must do well, in addition to avoiding strategic mistakes.

1) Find a message and stick to it
2) Avoid Mistakes
3) Showing humanity in debates is more important than winning the arguments

That's it. Missing at least one...or two if consider that #2 is the exact same thing as the point added to the original four she promised.
And they're pretty darn useless bits of advice, to tell the truth. They don't have much to do with the problems Kerry is having, except incidentally. All she's really doing is offering an explanation of why Al Gore lost when she thought he was obviously the better candidate. She doesn't get it. Kerry doesn't get it. Most of the Democrat Party doesn't get it. They assume their essentially dishonest methods of campaigning are enough to win a majority of the votes. They take it for granted that a majority of the population is ignorant or uneducatd enough to fall for their glittering generalities and pie-in-the-sky promises. And if the mainstream news media were still the gatekeepers of information, they'd probably be correct.
I almost feel sorry for them. They've spent generations making sure that the education system and news media were overwhelmingly staffed by liberals in order to indoctrinate America, and the internet has sent all that effort down the drain.

Then I think of Jimmy Carter and I don't feel sorry for them anymore.

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