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August 18, 2004

Anyone Still Trust Michael Moore? « Politics As Usual »

Or, for that matter, the Democrat Party who champions him?

Well, here's yet another reason why you shouldn't.

Honestly, there is enough information out there about liberal/Democrat distortions, enough proof about their fundamental dishonesty, that I begin to wonder just how powerful willful ignorance can be.


Is he going to sue Moore? No he's got a better idea:

"If anything, I'd like to see (Moore) throw some money toward a veterans charity,'' Damon said. "He claims to be a champion of soldiers, but I haven't seen him do anything for us.''

Unfortunately, its unlikely that Moore will share his windfall from his propaganda film with the unwilling stars of his film.

Damon, showing a wisdom far beyond his years has the final say:

"Just the whole thought of being in this piece of propaganda. It's like a documentary Hitler would have made. You know when you join the military that there's an inherent risk,'' Damon said. "I was doing my job the same as any guy in a foxhole was doing his. I don't blame this on anybody. It was an unfortunate accident.''

How about it, Mr. Moore? You have profited greatly from tragedies like Columbine and 9/11. You have made a fortune on the pain of others. Why can't you let some of the sufferers share in the windfall?

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