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July 22, 2004

Jeff Goldstein: Psychic « Humor »

Today, Jay Nordlinger wrote:

It is important for them — for the Left — to allege that Bush lies. Because Clinton actually lied, over and over — about as naturally as the rest of us scratch (no comment). Gore, too, lied, repeatedly — and about things small, not just large. So it is vital to the Democratic psyche, I hold, to believe that George W. Bush is a liar. It sort of absolves them. Kind of like the burning hatred that Europe has for Israel, if you can follow me.

A full three days earlier, Jeff had this to say:

A voice in my head, 1:57 PM, July 19: Try scratching it, dummy. Scratching it’s not a sin.

It's so prescient, it's almost eerie.

Oh, and I think Jay Nordlinger makes a good point, too.

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