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July 18, 2004

Two Suggestions « GWOT »

I have two suggestions to help make air travel safer. Someone call Mr. Mineta, okay?

1) Install a small cabinet with many small, locking sections. As people come on the plane, they putt their cellphones in and take the key. During flight, the flight attendants can use a key to engage a locking mechanism so no keys work at all. After the flight, as people shuffle off, they use their key to remove the cellphone. One attendent can watch as people put stuff in to make sure only cellphones go in (to prevent someone from putting in a bomb that can go off on a later flight, if that seems advisable). Then if anyone pulls out a cellphone in flight, they deliberately sidestepped the rules and the other passengers can tackle him, knowing he was planning something. You can do this with cellphones rather than laptops because you can't use cellphones in flight anyway, and laptops are already checked for explosive residue, whereas cellphones are small enough to be missed at the gate.

2) I'd like to highlight what I said in the post I'm not proud of (2nd one down): Any pilot who wants to make sure people stay in the seat can do so by seeking out turbulence or even by altering the flight profile (dives, climbs, banks, etc). Sure, it wastes gas, but isn't that better than wasting lives? If passengers are acting suspicious, the flight attendents should tell the pilot so he can get them down to the level where explosive decompression isn't a danger, at the very least.

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