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July 16, 2004

Puns From the Lost Archives, Pt II « Puns »

(slightly altered from its original form by hazy memory)

Back in the days of developing the first atomic bomb, the team of scientists noted that Albert Einstein was a workaholic, never taking any time off to rest or relax. He was starting to crack from the stress, and the other scientists were worried.

One of them came up with what he thought was a good plan. He invited Albert to go catch fish with him. Albert seemed to enjoy it, and he was visibly more relaxed the next day in the lab. Everyone was happy.

Except that the scientist kept asking Albert to go back to the lake. Again and again and again. Mr. Einstein was too polite to say no, but people could tell he was irritated. All except for the poor scientist.

One day Albert was visibly irritated when the scientist walked up to ask him on another trip. Everyone was afraid Einstein might just explode, but he only mildly said,

"Do you think we can drop this fishin' thing soon?"

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