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July 15, 2004

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Bill Clinton (news - web sites) has warned Senator John Kerry (news - web sites), the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, to counter Republican efforts to turn this year's election into a debate on gay marriage and other "cultural issues" such as gun control and abortion.

The most skilled and facile political weathervane the Democrat party has had in decades advises Kerry to avoid campaigning on 3 of the top 5 Democrat platform planks, because those issues are losing issues for the Democrat Party.

They are all but acknowledging that the majority of citizens don't support them, but are still willing and eager to misrepresent their position in order to gain power to impose their vision on the majority.*

...and the non- biased news media has exactly zero editorial criticism of this. Fascinating.

*Yeah, I know that's not exactly a news flash, but I just thought I'd repeat it for emphasis and clarity.

Posted by Nathan at 08:59 AM | Comments (2)

Hmm. Does the GOP have any issues in their platform that Bush won't be campaigning on?

Just to be fair I mean. (I am a Blog 4 Bush, but...)

Posted by: Dean Esmay at July 15, 2004 09:46 AM

Any? Sure. But skipping one of the main ones? I can't really think of one.

To me, major Republican issues are: lower taxes, strong defense, personal responsibility. I think President Bush is campaigning on all these. And personally, while he hasn't started campaigning on it (because the economy isn't good enough yet), I think if he wins with a comfortable margin he will use the resulting sense of mandate to make significant cuts in the size of government and government entitlements. But that's just a feeling.
Pro-life isn't as strong of a Republican platform as Pro-choice is for Democrats (where it's an actual prerequisite for most higher offices), but President Bush is campaigning on that and on preventing judicial activism to bring about the legality of SSM.

But certainly, I might not be thinking of all the issues. Is there a top Republican issue that President Bush is avoiding in order to get elected?

Posted by: Nathan at July 15, 2004 09:54 AM
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