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July 15, 2004

Dawn on the International AIDS Conference « Social Issues »

I blogged a little on the International AIDS conference and the perfidy of the AIDS industry here. My good friend Dawn Eden blogs about it here and here. A slightly different take, yes, but essentially the same outraged reaction to the garbage they try to pass off as fact in their quest to undermine morality and societal standards.

Some excerpts:

But most AIDS activists refuse to consider the U.S.'s "ABC" program—which stresses, in order, abstinence, being faithful, and using condoms—because they refuse to adhere to a worldview that requires people to take personal responsibility for their actions. Likewise, since sex is their god, they wish to completely strip it of all its Judeo-Christian associations, detaching it from committed relationships.

She uses the term "AIDS Industry" in the first linked piece, so I used it here as well. I'm sure I've heard the term before, but in the context of Dawn's writing, it struck me cognitively as: "Industry committed to spreading and promoting AIDS", and with the advocacy of condoms only to prevent HIV infections, I think that's a perfectly accurate description, since it is:

A choice. Yes, that's it. A 15 percent choice of dying from AIDS. That is the probability that a person will be exposed to HIV while having sex when using using a condom. The high probability occurs because, as anyone who has used condoms well knows, those barrier contraceptives are prone to slip, leak, and break.
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