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July 14, 2004

Another Glance at the Chiefs « Kansas City Chiefs »

I blogged this at Sports Blog yesterday. Go check it out if you want to see two fools arguing about unimportant things like football...

Posted by Nathan at 05:59 PM | Comments (6)

I've been blogging for over two years, and "Royals Reports" were a regular feature of my blog. I stopped when someone else did it better.

Don't make me give up "Chiefs Reports" too!

Posted by: j.d. at July 14, 2004 09:47 PM

Heaven forbid! Every opinion is worthwhile.

Hey, um, I like to think I want discussions, but sometimes I get irritated and just react. So tell me the truth: am I out of line with Tom? I feel like he dismisses half of what I say, distorts the other half, and insults my opinions any chance he can get...
I'm no longer going to respond to him, and I'd appreciate someone else commenting so we can have a discussion....

Posted by: Nathan at July 14, 2004 09:53 PM

No, you weren't out of line.

Man, that guy was a jack-up. It's sports talk, not a frickin' sociology Ph.D. dissertation.

People that get that bent out of shape about sports need some additional hobbies. I mean, he must have been really red-faced.

So what if you're a homer? That's what it means to be a fan. If he thinks he's pretty smart, maybe he should put in the tape of the Colts game, wherein the Donkeys get hammered. And that's by a team that Indianapolis fans don't even watch-I lived in West Lafayette last year, and I got to see Chiefs games because sometimes Colts games would be blacked out. (Yes, the Chiefs lost to the Colts the next week, but it was at least an entertaining game.)

That guy should get a grip. This post captures the needed perspective perfectly.

Posted by: j.d. at July 14, 2004 10:10 PM

Because, of course, one never knows how one is coming across.
I will be posting more after training camp starts and Ivan tells us more stuff.

Posted by: Nathan at July 14, 2004 10:50 PM

After reading the debate/argument, I'm reminded of the (probably mis)quote(ed statement) from Cameron Stauth's book The Golden Boys about the 1992 US Olympics Basketball "Dream Team" ...

"Sports are cathartic. They are among the most important things in the world precisely because, in the end, they don't matter at all."

Personally though, I thought your article was well-written and interasting, while I found "Tom" to be a pretentious butt-head. Then again, seeing as how you're my buddy, I'm probably a tad biased.

Oh yeah...and why didn't you mention that some of your expertise comes from playing not infrequent games of "MicroLeague Football" with your old buddy, Dalin? ^_^

Posted by: Dalin at July 15, 2004 07:19 AM

Well, mainly because, as I recall, I was schooling you! [grin]

Nah, it was a fun game, pretty much Paydirt for the computer. However, I was even more of a homer then than I am now. I still can't believe I tried to convince you to give "Fives" (Hall of Fame level) to 4 of 5 KC linemen... One of them, maybe, and perhaps 3 "Fours", but I wouldn't even hear of a "Three", and at least 1 or 2 guys were no better than that.

Posted by: Nathan at July 15, 2004 07:44 AM
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