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July 10, 2004

Legal vs Societal « Social Issues »

One tactic in the Liberal War on Standards and Morals is to insist on legalities. Legalities are black or white. You can or you can't. A right is a license. If you can do it at all, you can do it anywhere.

Thus, the argument from the Left/Liberals is: "Stay out of my bedroom!" Actually, I have no problem with that argument in and of itself. Except that it is used to overturn rarely-if-ever-enforced laws...and once the laws are overturned, they drag their bedroom into the middle of the street. They come over to my house and try to do it my bedroom, and I can't stop them because their actions are legal.

Far from merely protecting their privacy, they seek these rulings and judgments so they can invade mine. In their obsession with sex and physical gratification, they want to make the entire nation their "bedroom".

Abortion was ruled legal on the idea of a right to privacy. But that "privacy" now means the daughter of my neighbor can get an abortion without notifying her parents. And my taxes have to pay for it. How does that protect anyone's privacy? The liberals dragged their "bedroom" into doctor's offices, my neighbor's house, Congress to pass the laws and get the funding, and even my workplace where I earn the money they snatch to pay for this abortion borne of (pun intended) the same low moral standards they themselves pushed for in the name of "freedom".

Lawrence vs Texas was ruled unconstitutional based on the right of bedroom privacy. But some of the statements from those judges are now being used as the basis to argue for SSM. Apparently the liberals now think their "bedroom" encompasses churches, justices-of-the-peace, bridal boutiques, the wedding announcement page of newspapers, spousal benefits from work, even adoption centers and fertility clinics.

That's one dang big bedroom.

That's why I'm not proposing a legal fix for this problem that liberals don't even see as a problem. The solution is not to criminalize activities people perform in their bedroom so they stop doing it in public! Obviously, the solution is just to get people to take care of their business where it belongs. Societal pressures, standards, and norms are perfect for this. We need to be telling our kids it is wrong, foolish, unhelpful, and self-damaging to have sex before they get out of college. We should be telling them that attraction is not destiny, and to stop worrying about or trying to lock in their sexuality before the same age of 21 or so.*

Kerry and Edwards are correct in the words they use: we need to restore traditional American values, but the way they mean those words is a sad travesty. We need to return to conservatism, personal responsibility, returning sexual behavior in the bedroom, telling our children they are forbidden to have sex until they are married. We need to stop taxing people who create wealth, stop giving handouts to people who refuse to make an effort to improve themselves or take responsibility for themselves, stop using class warfare to pander to the willfully uneducated, and stop giving in to the most shrill minority activist groups.

*yes: this statement does imply that I think many homosexuals are created, not born. I think that the matter-of-fact way Hollywood portrays sex as a natural and ultimate expression of attraction deals major damage to our youth on many different levels. I do think there are people who turn homosexuality because they don't have the feelings or sensations Hollywood says they should, who are enticed, then seduced, and finally fully consumed by the sensations intensified by their vulnerable stage; such people could end up being happier heterosexuals if they waited...I'm still convinced that I'm one such person who is happier because I did wait and was celibate until age 21, but the reasons for that probably fall under the category of TMI, even though I've slightly touched upon them before. Sure, there are others who by the onset of puberty are already fully oriented toward attraction to the same sex, but I honestly don't think it's even a majority...

The personal observation and researched information I have that leads me to these conclusions probably won't be enough to convince anyone who is homosexual or liberal (or even moderate), but it's enough to convince me...probably since so much of it is based on a personal understanding of the way people work. If you don't share the same understanding, you'd look at the exact same behaviors with an entirely different conclusion as to their reason.

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I want to say "Amen!" but it seems so cliche. I like this quote:

"But that 'privacy' now means the daughter of my neighbor can get an abortion without notifying her parents. And my taxes have to pay for it."

Oh yes, people forget that the government doesn't have any money of its own. When it wants to burden its citizens with oppressive regulations and taxes or carve out a right to privacy to kill a baby, guess where they turn: you and me!

Posted by: La Shawn at July 10, 2004 03:54 PM
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